Regardless of your age or the state of your oral health, having a consistent routine for taking care of your teeth is vital I’ve got you covered.

Let me save you the guesswork by sharing with you some of my all-time favorite dental products that will improve your oral health significantly.

Remember it is important to take care of your teeth two times per day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

A good routine would include brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, followed by using a floss or interdental brush, followed by using a mouthwash for 30 seconds. 

I would also advise you to rinse your mouth with water each time you consume sugary or acidic drinks.

Here are some of the tools that may help you stay on top of your oral health.

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Criteria for a good toothbrush: soft bristles, round ends on bristles.

It doesn’t matter if you use a manual or an electric toothbrush. I would recommend an electric toothbrush if you have trouble with your dexterity skills.


Fluoride in toothpaste helps to remineralize the teeth and make them stronger. 

Children under 18 months should not use toothpaste with fluoride. It is safe for children between 18 months and 6 years old to use a toothpaste containing 500-550ppm of fluoride. Children above 6 years old can use adult toothpaste containing 1000-1500ppm of fluoride. 

Be careful when using whitening toothpastes as they may contain agents that are abrasive to your teeth. 

To learn more about active ingredients in toothpaste click here.


Flossing helps to clean the 40% of your teeth that toothbrush misses. 


Mouthwash should not be used instead of brushing your teeth but instead, it should supplement the toothbrushing routine. 

Children under 6 years old should not use a mouthwash containing fluoride. 


Great for rinsing your mouth after consuming sugary and acidic drinks.


Interdental brush is an even more effective way to remove plaque than flossing. It helps to clean in between your teeth where a regular toothbrush cannot reach.

Interdental brushes are excellent tools to help you clean in between your braces as well.


Dental products can take up a lot of space when traveling. Use these travel size dental kits to travel with convenience.


Home-based teeth whitening products take a while to reach the desired result. If you would like your teeth to be instantly a few shades lighter then you would have to get professional whitening treatment at your local dental office. 

Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient that whitens teeth. Usually home based products use up to 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration whereas, your dentist may offer hydrogen peroxide concentration of up to 40%.

Keep in mind that whitening products DO NOT whiten veneers, composite fillings, crowns and bridges etc. 

Always follow instructions on the label when whitening your teeth otherwise it can lead to tooth damage and sensitivity. 

Please click here to read more about pros and cons of teeth whitening products. 


Conveniently store away all of your toothbrushes and toothpastes.


It is important to brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Here are some timers that may help you get this task done more easily.


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